The jackapoo is a designer dog that is the result of breeding a jack russell terrier and a poodle. As the name implies, this crossbreed resulted in a “poo” hybrid, and one that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Although many people would not consider it as such, the jackapoo is considered to be a purebred dog. It was first recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2006, with other major canine breed registries following suit soon after.

Jackapoo appearance

Medium sized with slim build—Companion animal breed standards usually dictate that for show dogs both parents must be of medium size as well as slim build. The jackapoo should be between 14 to 17 inches at the shoulder, and weigh around 25 to 45 pounds. Has a rectangular head with a muzzle length measuring about one third of the way down the dogs face. Docking of the tail is not permitted for show dogs, but is ok for pets. The tail should be well feathered with brush-like hair that extends past the dog’s hocks (the rear legs). Eyes are oval in shape and brown in color. Ears are fairly small and held erect.

Jackapoo coat

Braided coat—The outer coat on this dog should be medium length, wavy or slightly curly, straight or flat with some wave or curl to it. Coat should be a mixture of colors including white, silver, black and brown. White markings are permitted.

Jackapoo temperament

Affectionate—There is much affection for this dog. It is not always easy to find other dogs that are sociable enough to accept this relatively small dog without reservation. They have been known to be a little cuddly, which can make them good with children who have no fear of dogs. This shepherd/poodle mix is generally friendly with strangers (admiring their presence for the first several minutes then becoming less wary). If the video collars they wear become damaged or lost, they get very distressed and easily become frightened by noises that they would usually ignore. They get on well with other dogs but are more laid back than terriers, hence they do not make good watch dogs.

Jackapoo behavior

Intelligent—The jackapoo is known to be intelligent and lively, making it a fairly easy dog to train. They can be stubborn at times, but have a very keen desire to please their owners. They play well with children and other animals but will sometimes chase anything they consider prey. If they are trained properly, this can be eliminated when the dog is older. Like many dogs they love to chew things, so toys that are both sturdy and interesting should always be available for them to play with.

Jackapoo lifespan

This breed has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. The very youngest puppies are born with high levels of vitality, so they grow at a fast pace. If the owner is attentive and consistent, they can be trained well enough to handle all the responsibilities of a small dog. They tend to be quite healthy though the life span can be affected by poor conditions of living.


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