Training a Jackapoo, providing you have the time and patience, can be quite rewarding. Jackapoos can be trained in most areas.

Jackapoo Training

Jackapoos are curious and intelligent dogs and will want to know exactly what you’re doing and why. They will often watch and try to copy everything you do. This can be good for training as it imprints the dog’s mind to some extent but it’s also very important that the dog knows it should not copy everything you do or else they may learn to ignore commands. Positive dog training is the best training for Jackapoos – they respond very well to treats and are very food praise motivated.

Start Young!

The younger your Jackapoo is when you start obedience training the more successful it will be – but don’t think they can’t start later on because older dogs can learn too. Even as a 10 week old puppy a Jackapoo can start to learn the basic such as sit and down.

Be in Charge!

It is important to establish yourself as the ‘alpha’ or leader of your Jackapoo pack. All members of the pack are eager to see who is in charge so if you’re unsure they will start to test boundaries and might show aggression, which can lead to dominance issues. When training, make sure you put your Jackapoo in its place if it tries to challenge you. This will take a bit of practice but makes things easier in the long run as they won’t try it again. Whilst ‘Alpha’ dog training to the extend that you even eat first is a little archaic, it will be easier to train your dog if he knows his place in the pack.

Find a Good Trainer

To experience the joy of dog training, you need to find a qualified instructor that will be able to provide you with a detailed knowledge about how to train your Jackapoo. The instructor may use a variety of methods but the goal is still the same. You want to improve the life of your Jackapoo, so you should learn how you can transform them into a well-mannered pet that not only respects its owner but also other people and animals in their environment.

Train Consistently

Jackapoos need regular and consistent training, just like any other dog breed. If you do not adhere to a routine training schedule then they can easily get out of control.

Jackapoo Obedience Training

Jackapoos are very intelligent dogs, learning new activities quickly due to their curious nature. They will easily pick up commands after about 10-20 repetitions of an activity, which requires patience on your behalf. You will need to teach your Jackapoo basic commands including:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Stand
  • Leave

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