Not all breeds are the same. It’s important to research each one before deciding which is best for your family, and Jackapoos are no exception. Below is a guide on what you can expect from taking in a Jackapoo into your home.

Jackapoos are energetic and require daily exercise, such as at least 20 minutes of rampaging around outside or playing fetch with owners indoors.

Jackapoos are “Velcro dogs” meaning that they love to be close and will get along with nearly any family member. However, they can be somewhat shy around strangers and tend to look the other way when they see a strange person on their walk. Housebreaking is a breeze because it’s easier for these dogs to mark their territory in one of two places – in the house or outside. A Jackapoo puppy needs only one place to mark and will always return home if left alone for an extended time period.

Jackapoos are not generally good with children. The breed is highly intelligent and energetic, which makes them prone to mischief. They also tend to be the first to play and will take anything they find out of order.

They are very sweet dogs, especially when you’re taking them for a walk or going on a long run with them. They need regular interaction with their owners and will push their boundaries if given the chance. They do not make good watchdogs because they can be easily distracted by their surroundings and might even ignore intruders who come into their yard from the road.

Jackapoos are oh-so-easy to train. They are great with children and other animals and will usually respond well to their first command — sit.

While Jackapoos can adapt to a wide range of living environments, they must be provided with plenty of room to run around. These dogs can easily become destructive if they’re not given sufficient exercise and can even become aggressive if they’re confined indoors for a prolonged period.

You should never leave a Jackapoo alone in your yard or house when you’re gone, especially at night for more than an hour or two. These dogs need constant interaction from their owners, regardless of how well trained they may be otherwise. Because they are so intelligent, sometimes they will even try to outwit their owners in order to get what they want.

It’s very easy for a Jackapoo to jump or climb over a fence in order to escape from their pack. These dogs are focused on both the present and the future, so that means that no matter how much you try and distract them while you’re trying to put them in a crate — they will remain focused on getting out of the crate and escaping the house.

Jackapoos may have some trouble adjusting if they were raised around small children because children tend to be more hyper than adults and Jackapoos are sensitive enough for this to bother them.

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